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Poetry: “The Bucket List”

We carry dreams Fulfill many Lift our hearts Again and again We see the world Taste its fruits Know its sunrise And sunsets From almost every angle We sometimes try to buy Contentment, security and pleasure Again and again Sometimes […]

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Why Do I Do This?

This is an intense time. It is an intense week, in an intense year, in an intense life. Now more than ever I think it is a good time to ask ourselves why do we do the things we do? […]

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Entitlement, Equality and Monogamy

I have said that we need my book as much after “Tiger” as we did after “Clinton and Lewinsky.” Truthfully, we have always needed it. My parents needed it. Fortunately for me, 🙂 talking about my book holds my interest […]

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Unavailable Men, Bad Boys, and Principles of Attraction

The power of the subconscious mind has always been a central topic in my work. How and why do we attract a certain result or kind of relationship? What are we most attracted to and why? And, how can we […]

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We Already Made It — Again

With recent events of economic stress and now in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I am finding that it is once again an important time for us to address our fears. As a follow up to […]

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Peter’s Interview on the Dr. Pat Show at the NW Women’s Show

Peter talks about monogamy and his new book, The Monogamy Challenge: Creating and Keeping Intimacy. Listen to the complete interview ››

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Poetry: “If The Sky Was Pink”

In appreciation of participating, teaching, and being interviewed by Dr. Pat at the Northwest Women’s show, I am posting a favorite poem of mine. Perhaps not my best, but one I have felt to be the most central description of […]

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How to Attract a Monogamous Man

Is it true that men are less often monogamous than women? Why? And how do you attract a monogamous man or maintain a monogamous relationship? For now, lets skip over the issue that genetic or anthropological forces of non-monogamy may […]

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Is Valentines Day a Holy Day?

What is the purpose of Valentines day? How does it differ for men, women, and children? How can we best utilize the day, transcend the myths and social conditioning, and make it a day that supports our relationships? I feel […]

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To Whom Do We Write?

One of the less obvious joys of writing is much the same as that of reading; we do it when we can, and it is not essential. It is usually not really work, a chore or a business. It is […]

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