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Unfit For Presidency!

It pains me to write this. Our president is a sexist bully. I have procrastinated publishing this for over 11 months now. If I were a political commentator I would have published many insights into all of the crazy things […]

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Becoming a Sustainable Practitioner: An Historial View

This article was first published in Breathe.  I have often been asked why so many rebirthers/breathworkers don’t succeed, quit practicing or burn out. Even among the original US Certified Rebirthers very few of us are still teaching breathwork or seeing […]

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Movement: A Space for Passion

This article was first published in Breathe. If you’re not moving you’re dead. The key to immortality lies in the mind and it rides on the breath. Be with what you’re feeling and add movement to it. The purpose of […]

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Honoring the Sacred: Developing the Divine Feminine and Masculine

I increasingly hear talk about Sacred Relationships or Divine Feminine/Masculine aspects of self, what they need, and what they need from the other. What does it mean to be firmly grounded in our sacred inner feminine and/or masculine? And, what […]

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Happiness, Joy and Connection

Happiness is not derived from inner joy and feelings of love alone, it also stems from connection. Connection is about being in our right Relationship with others and the environment. Happiness comes from being able to hold connection with ourselves […]

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Authentic Communication, Leadership and Facebook?

I have friends who criticize Facebook for being inane and others who criticize those who use it primarily for self-promotion. I don’t spend much time with the playful conversations on Facebook, but I recently responded to a friends post that […]

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Our Vulnerability Makes Us Hypocrites

It is natural and normal for us to feel vulnerable. Our physical existence results in some real safety issues and preferences. Especially when we were young we needed to be cared for to survive. As a baby we feel safer […]

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Expectations, Context and Acknowledgement

Does the history or context of a relationship effect what you need to feel acknowledged? For example, if you have a history of shared finances, are you then more likely to need to feel credited or acknowledged for your history […]

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Empathy, Structural Integrity, and Transformation

Do we need empathy? Does empathy increase the strength or structural integrity of a relationship? I am continuing with my theme: What do we need? What do we need to feel connected and nurtured in relationships? How can we create […]

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Is It Healthy to Need?

Learning to accept and embrace the validity of what we want or need has long been a central theme of my work. Becoming conscious of how our needs have been ignored, neglected and even shamed, has far reaching effects. Being […]

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