Peter Kane – Relationship Theorist and author "The Monogamy Challenge"

The Monogamy Challenge:
Creating and Keeping Intimacy

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A fascinating look at monogamy and the dynamics of erotic energy.
– Judith Orloff MD, author of Emotional Freedom

The Monogamy Challenge by Peter KaneThe Monogamy Challenge goes beyond helping partners resolve attractions to others: it also helps to create and sustain vital and passionate monogamous relationships. The author’s 30+ years as a counselor and workshop facilitator have created a groundbreaking, deep and practical book, helping readers resolve the many issues that make intimacy and monogamy difficult. Since our whole life is about our relationship with ourselves and others, this book is also about creating success, intimacy and connection in every area of our life.

Peter Kane is a pioneer in relationship theory and counseling. He has been counseling individuals and couples, and leading seminars on personal growth and relationships around the world since 1979.

Peter’s passion is creating personal emotional freedom and commitment in relationships, family, and community. Through his work, he teaches others to be emotionally present and connected. Peter’s relationship with his two boys has been an invaluable source of joy and inspiration. “They have helped me heal, be present, and learn to smell the roses. They have taught me how to play and be as a child again.”

This work deals in a remarkably clear and non-judgmental way with the many challenges of monogamy. It is loaded with information and practical ideas based on the author’s long background as a counselor and deep knowledge of breath work and psychology. A serious contribution to the evolution of what it means to move towards partnering relationships. – Hal Stone, PhD, author, Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship

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