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The Monogamy Challenge by Peter Kane“For Men As Well As Women”
Brad G., Reviewer, July 27, 2010

I noticed all the reviews of this excellent book so far have been written by women, and how “The Monogamy Challenge” has helped them better understand and repair their relationships. By the same token, perhaps the title might scare men off … big mistake. After all, we men enter into relationships because we feel a lack in our lives that we hope will be filled by the right woman. And therein lies the rub … what specifically is this “lack” … why do we feel it … and what are our expectations to having it filled and thus find happiness. This is what this book is really all about.

If you think about it, isn’t that what life is really all about — figuring out what this “lack” is and how to fill it? This “lack” impels us into seeking fulfilling careers, finding excitement and pleasure in a marriage partner, and into seeking God. This “lack” is a big deal; it drives our lives. And this book will give you great insight into it’s nature and resolution. In other words, you’ll learn why you feel and act the way you do, and if it’s not to your liking, how to change it.

I believe you’ll have a lot of “ah-ha” moments as you go through this book — I sure did. Men, I highly recommend it.

“The most exciting and enlightening text on becoming more present in relationships”
Cathy K., Reviewer, April 9, 2011

The Monogamy Challenge is the most exciting and enlightening text on becoming more present in relationships that i’ve ever read. Tackling the challenge of monogamy in examining the creation and maintenance of intimacy is a new and vital approach that brings incredible honesty to relationship. I felt understood, known and lovingly supported through this insightful non-judgemental book by Peter Kane. When in a relationship, it’s so common to deny we have attractions to others or to feel guilt — when it’s acceptance of these very human tendencies that brings truth and wholeness. That new piece actually allows deeper intimacy with our partner and to ourselves. I highly recommend this book.

“Insightful, Highly Recommended”
Aquilegia, Reviewer,  July 17, 2010

The Monogamy Challenge presents a thorough exploration of the many aspects of monogamy that make it difficult and complex, as well as the aspects that make it a vehicle for deeper honesty and intimacy. After reading this book I have a better understanding of the myriad of cultural, emotional, biological, psychological, sexual, and spiritual issues involved in making the choice to be and stay monogamous. With so many facets, it’s no wonder that I feel confused at times about my marriage and the conflicting desires, wants, and needs within it. The information in the book has helped me to take a closer look at what seems to be causing the conflicts in my commitment to my marriage so that I can first understand and accept my situation and emotions around it without judgment or blame. This book also presents tools and guidance for actions I can take to develop a more honest and intimate relationship. I found that the way in which Peter included his own experiences helped illustrate how unique and deeply personal each of our own situations and choices are and that there is no right or wrong way to approach the issue of monogamy.

“Exceptionally Helpful and Insightful”
Michelle G., Reviewer, March 1, 2010

Rarely has a book had as profound an impact on my life as The Monogamy Challenge has. Not only has it given me the ability to understand and heal from a recently-ended relationship, but it is of immeasurable value to anyone who desires a successful and thriving relationship, whether or not maintaining monogamy is an active issue or challenge. Whether we’re single, married or in any other kind of relationship, this book provides the tools for understanding what drives our behaviors, feelings and interactions with others in a completely supportive and nonjudgmental way and helps us to understand and meet our relationship needs. I give The Monogamy Challenge my highest recommendation and am deeply grateful to author Peter Kane for sharing the gift of his wisdom and experience and exceptional understanding of human nature and sexuality with the world, via the pages of this book.

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