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What Inspires Us to Be Monogamous?

Monogamy may be easy for some, but it is not easy for many. Many of us feel hurt when monogamy is challenging for our partner.  It is understandable that we can be devastated if our partner makes love with someone […]

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I often feel like the way we measure time is arbitrary. While it is obvious that each year is a natural cycle measured by the sun, I think it can be helpful to live beyond the yearly cycle and commit […]

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To Live

As small children we may have felt like we needed to please people in order to survive. As we grow we still are likely to need love and acceptance. Whether we are immersed in relationships, running away from them, or […]

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Creating Peace by Releasing Defense

This article was first published in Breathe. I share it with you now because it is timeless, and will serve as a good reiteration or expansion of what I share in my book about communication and embracing your partners differences. Attack […]

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Creating Intimacy

This article was first published online at Evergreen Monthly, June 2005 Intimacy is not just about love and connection in close partnerships. Intimacy is part of our relationship with everyone we contact. That’s a lot of people — and a lot of […]

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