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Unfit For Presidency!

It pains me to write this. Our president is a sexist bully. I have procrastinated publishing this for over 11 months now. If I were a political commentator I would have published many insights into all of the crazy things that have happened this past year. By waiting to write this I have skipped commenting on many of them. As I wrote it, unbelievable events have continued. As a relationship teacher and a citizen, it is important that I at least share my primary input, especially if it is relevant to the psychology of relationships. Reason number one that our president is unfit for the office of president continues to stand out as reason enough for our country to accept he is not capable of being president. Donald Trump is a sexist bully.

First, my analysis of the election remains similar to the concerns I posted in my last two blogs from November 4 “What can we Learn from Donald Trump” and November 8 “Understanding Our Reactions to Hillary: Why Do We Resist Powerful Women?” These are: That Trump got more votes than we expected because people are angry. Even if we consider the Russian tampering in our election, it remains that there is a component of anger that was galvanized. And, I think that people (even women) resist women in general, and perhaps powerful women even more so.

I am very saddened by this state of affairs. I thought we had overcome Racism and Sexism. Oh my goodness, a large percentage of our country overlooked sexist abuse and voted for Donald Trump because of politics, or because they are just angry or don’t care. Many did not vote for the same reasons. Holy Cow, I’m still in shock. This is not how my parents raised me.

The first thing I thought and felt after the election was about how hard it would be for minorities and women to have a sexist bully as their president. I feel for how hard it is for all people who were bullied (or who are being bullied) to have a bully as their president. What a kick in the stomach. This is what still echo’s in my heart and soul. Oh my, we elected a bully.

Doesn’t sexism or sex harassment (and the harassment of people with disabilities) automatically make someone unfit for many jobs, particularly those that are in a position of leadership?

As we move forward it is my hope that we can face this simple truth and confront how Donald Trump as President is a contradiction to the human principals that we believe should be governing our lives.

To this end, I will keep this blog simple and not add many points about his authoritarian tendencies, his attacks on the legitimate media, his lying, or mental health. A long discussion should not be necessary. How he has treated women is answer enough. His racism, or poor handling of it, should be answer enough. His mimicking a reporter with disabilities should have been answer enough. We should not be required to explain or discuss the many details. “You are a sexist bully,” followed by his favorite phrase should be enough.

I think I, and our country, have lost a lot of energy and productivity since November 8. I am posting this blog as part of my duty to myself as a citizen and to my writing. I need to get this one out of the way so I can move on and get back to work. I have a lot to teach. Some of it may involve our political leaders. Either way, I need to move forward and be on the record as speaking against bullying, especially when it is coming from high places. Perhaps most importantly, I am posting this because I have had some fear of speaking out. I have an old friend who was held and tortured as a political prisoner. Earlier this year, I could feel my fear of being outspoken. I feel all voices need to be heard – better late than never.

I’ve rarely been bullied, but I have confronted bullies. Long ago, my Junior High School was home to a program for students with intellectual disabilities and the students in that program were sometimes bullied. I was popular and athletic and was pretty high within the power structure of my school. One day, I came to the defense of some disabled students that were being picked on by some other popular boys. I worried for a moment that I might loose status or be bullied myself, but I did what was right and asserted that the teasing and bullying was not okay and had to stop. They stopped, and after that the bullying in general stopped, and it became more fashionable to support the students with disabilities. I am not certain if the bullying stopped because of my effort alone, but this remains something for which I am very proud.

There is much we can discuss about how we allow or enable bullies, or how we stand up to them. What are the human values that encourage us to stand up to injustice? I’m going to save a detailed conversation about that for another time. For now, I pray that we all stand against bullying, lying, and any political view that favors any segment of our country over another. I pray that the Politicians that lead our government do the right thing, have our backs, and stand up to “Our President.”

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